Modern medicine does a remarkable, even a miraculous job of helping people live out their allotted days. Laura Wilson’s mission is to ensure people are as healthy as possible during that time. Laura is the SeniorClass Coordinator for East Cooper Regional Medical Center. In her position she is committed to optimizing the physical, psychological and emotional well-being of the senior community in the East Cooper area.

Laura has a degree is in the intriguing field of Recreational Therapy - and while it may sound like fun and games, there is a lot more to it than that. In her career she has worked in rehabilitation programs known as "community re-entry." Such programs are specifically designed for people who have suffered injuries or illnesses which restrict their ability to perform tasks that most of us take for granted. In this field she has encountered a variety of unique challenges. For example, she has been involved with teaching people who have suffered severe strokes how to cross-stitch or how to play golf with only one arm. Quite an accomplishment, since most of us who play golf can barely get the ball in the hole with both arms. As SeniorClass Coordinator, Laura runs a members-only program for East Cooper Seniors that includes:

• Live and Learn – Lifestyle seminars, educational programs, computer training, even an adult driver’s refresher course.

• Health and Help – Health screenings, exercise programs tailored to seniors and seminars by health professionals.
• Out and About – One-day excursions and over night travel opportunities.
• In-patient services – Notary services and an administrative visit to ensure proper service.

Laura is also involved with helping train the medical staff at East Cooper Hospital in the latest age-appropriate techniques for seniors.
In addition she acts as a "neutral agency" in coordinating the senior programs at various East Cooper organizations such as the Mount Pleasant Recreation Department with senior living facilities including Cooper Hall, Sandpiper Village, The Shepherd Center, The Mt. Pleasant Regional Library and The Center for Creative Retirement.

And of course what senior program would be complete without a trip to Europe? The next scheduled trip runs from May 10 – 25, 2002, and will include major cities and attractions in Spain and Portugal. The price is $2399 per person. The price includes airfare, First-class accommodations, 4 breakfasts, 6 dinners, Deluxe motor-coach travel and admission charges where applicable.

To Contact Laura Wilson:

If you’re interested in going to Europe this spring, or in any of the features of the East Cooper SeniorClass program, Call Laura Wilson at 856-4450.